Expat Management System

Do you feel like us during the more than 15 years we’ve worked in HR-Management of international assignments?  Too much administration, too many manual tasks and no tool that really supports the daily work?

Our practice-oriented software enables you to automate your assignment processes, to network your team members and allows you to devote your time to what is really important: The personal advice for your employees.

Be organized. Stay organized.

Do you prefer to manage employee assignments in your static excel file…

… or centrally in a software together with your team members?

Expat Management System helps you and your team to prevent mistakes caused by human error and reduces the time spend on manual administrative effort.

Be in control of all your employee assignments, documents, contracts and payrolls

If you are an operative expat manager, you need a tool that simplifies the administrative and operative processes. As a result of using the Expat Management System, your team can concentrate more on the employees and less on administrative tasks.

Data management

Keep track of your assignees, deadlines and tasks to be fulfilled.

Workflow management

Contracts, tax, social security etc. – manage all your tasks easily from one central digital tool.

Payroll preparation

Keep control of salary payments and support your payroll departments by preparing monthly payrolls.

The design of structured assignment processes

Having structured assignment processes will allow your team to achieve more with less pain and spend more time for employees support.

How does it work?

Step 1

Request a demo or get in touch, so we can assess how we can meet your expectations and improve your processes.

Step 2

To customize the software according to your needs, we will start with process analysis. This consultancy will lay the foundation for a successful project.

Step 3

After we have analyzed your processes together with your HR team, we will customize the software according to your needs and specifics. This guarantees a fast and efficient setup.

Step 4

We will take some time to make sure your team members are using the software with full confidence and all their questions are answered.

How much does it cost?

To receive a price offer for the Expat Management System software and, if needed, for additional Expat Consultancy and IT-services, please contact us.

We will reply to you shortly:

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