Do the existing expatriation processes in my company have to be adapted to the Expat Management System?

No. You have maximum flexibility! All processes as they exist in your company will be transferred to the software. However, we will be happy to advise you if there are any doubts on your side as to whether the processes are appropriate.

Can inexperienced colleagues also use the Expat Management System?

Yes, one of the main goals we want to achieve with the Expat Management System is that even inexperienced HR colleagues can use the software without any problems after a short training period and carry out cross-border employee assignments.

What is the role of the power user?

The power user trained by HR-Informatics is the administrator of the system and is available to colleagues as a contact person in case of questions. He/she controls the configuration of the system, defines the workflows and tasks to be processed and supplements the system according to changed legal or procedural requirements.

Does the Expat Management System also automatically generate contracts and other legally relevant documents?

No! The Expat Management System is not a software for the creation of contracts. The Expat Management System uploads the documents you provide. If there is a need for the creation or review of contracts, supplementary agreements, etc., we will be happy to put our clients in touch with our exclusive partners.

Does the expat management system replace the legal review of the contract documents used or the posting directive?

No! HR-Informatics does not offer legal advice. The Expat Management System uses the existing contract documents as provided by you. The contents of your posting guidelines are transferred unchanged into the software by configuration. If you have any doubts as to whether your contract documents or your policy are up to date, we will be happy to put you in touch with the relevant law firms with whom we work exclusively. This also applies to a regular legal audit of your configuration.

Does the Expat Management System replace the Expat payroll?

No! The Expat Management System supports the preparation of monthly payroll in the home country and in the country of employment. However, the payroll itself must be carried out using suitable systems.

Can I use the expat management system to administer the foreign assignments of several subsidiaries?

Yes! Potentially an infinite number of organisations can be administered separately. Please note that the home country must be identical in each case. If additional home countries are to be added, the country-specific versions must be purchased and configured in each case.

Is (personal) data stored on a server or cloud of HR-Informatics?

No! The Expat Management System is integrated into your IT infrastructure. Data protection and data security therefore always comply with the existing standards in your company.

Can interfaces to other HR systems be provided?

Yes! Appropriate interfaces to common systems can be programmed by HR-Informatics as a rule. Due to the large number of possible customer requests, each individual case must be evaluated separately. Individual programming is in principle not covered by the standard licence, but must be ordered separately.

Can EMS be provided in other languages?

Yes! Upon request, HR-Informatics will provide translations into other languages for a fee. 

How much does the Expat Management System cost?

A standard price cannot be quoted due to the many different customisation options. Basically, HR-Informatics concludes a purchase contract and a service contract with its customers. The prices depend on the number of sending countries, the desired configurations, the number and type of users, possible special requests and much more. Please contact us! We will be happy to prepare your individual offer!