About us

The story behind HR-Informatics OÜ can be summarised as follows: Do it yourself, if there is no good solution! All this started in 2018.

Jens had worked in the HR sector for about 15 years and had been dealing with Global Mobility throughout. During this time, he had met many HR colleagues and was always surprised by what they reported from their everyday work: Highly qualified experts were busy filling out forms and applications instead of being able to dedicate their expensive time to looking after Expats and their families. The many deadlines for contract extensions, expiring visas, social security certificates, etc. were tracked using various Excel spreadsheets, and if a colleague was ill or left the company, it was a veritable catastrophe. Standards could hardly be maintained, and often colleagues had to justify why they felt overburdened with looking after so few employees. Why was there no affordable software to provide concrete support to colleagues? There had to be something to be done about it!

By 2018, Margus and Jens were already working together, dealing with machine learning tools for HR. Jens told Margus about the difficulties for HR colleagues, a basic concept for an expat management tool was developed and Sergei was enthusiastic about the project, who was also on board from then on. In the following years, we worked continuously on this project: we sketched out processes, programmed, tested, corrected, supplemented, rejected, optimised etc. And now, at the end of 2020, we are finished and proud of our product!

We are convinced that software no longer needs to be a mass product, like a badly fitting suit that never fits properly and contains too many functions that are not needed. And since when is an off-the-peg suit more expensive than a tailor-made one? We are open to all ideas and offer HR software on demand in addition to EMS. Where do you see problems when you think of your HR processes?

And that is us, the people behind the story:


Sergei Zelentsov

With over 20 years of professional application building experience, Sergei brings the knowledge of how to build and maintain complex IT-systems to HR-Informatics. During his career, he led the development of a unicorn-startup Fotolia (acquired by Adobe and renamed to Adobe Stock Photos) and leading Baltics job site CVKeskus.ee. During the last 8 years, Sergei is focused on providing a wide range of technical expertise to various startup projects.

Sergei is located in Tallinn/Estonia.


Margus Räim

Margus is a versatile trained software developer with 18 years of experience working for several customers. His main area has been analyzing and developing mission critical information systems. Based on his knowledge of different methodologies (ITILv4, Scrum, Kanban, Lean), programming languages like Java, Python, C/C++, TypeScript, Javascript, SQL and experience in cryptography and modeling Margus has managed numerous IT- projects at home and abroad.

Margus is also located in Tallinn/Estonia

Dr. Jens Gehrmann

Jens is the human resources expert in the team of HR-Informatics. He was employed for about 15 years in various HR functions in the automotive industry. Most recently he was responsible for the HR-Management Top Executives, international assignments, compensation & benefits and HR controlling at Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. Jens has been working for about 20 years on Global Mobility. Since 2017 he has been advising companies in the field of Expat  Management and is also active as an interim manager.

Jens is located in Böklund/Germany