Expat Management System for HR departments

The first software tool to automate operational HR processes for cross-border employee assignments.

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Software, Consultancy and IT-support

Expat Management System

Digital HR tool for managing operational HR-processes of international assignments.

Expat HR Consultancy

Benefit from the knowledge and experience gained during 15 years of Expat Management.

IT services and integrations

With IT-support the software will be tweaked to meet your needs and fit into your organization.

Do you know how to improve your employee assignment’s process weakness? If not, we can help you.

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Expat Management System’s Core Features

You can use the Expat Management System to cover your organization’s entire employee assignment process, from contract management to payroll preparation.

Data management

Have control over your data. Keep track of your assignees, deadlines and tasks to be fulfilled.


Workflow management

Contracts, tax, social security etc. – manage all your tasks easily from one central digital tool.

Payroll Preparation 

Keep control of salary payments and support your payroll departments by preparing monthly payroll.

The design of a structured assignment processes

Having structured assignment processes will allow your team to achieve more with less pain and spend more time for employees support.

Digital HR solution built to fit your needs

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